Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy day at home

Friday, was our  last day of our Spring Break and it was a lazy one. We didn't leave the house the entire day. I got to catch up on my shows I recorded last week and I wish I could have done a lot of this.

But instead I was washing clothes all day and got all my laundry done!  That is the one thing a hate after coming home from a trip is all the laundry you have to catch up on. 

I also decided to pack up Ace's 0-3 month clothes. It was really sad!  I can't believe it is time for that. I packed up lots of gowns and little sleepers.  I can't believe how fast they grow!

Aydrie had lots of fun on her last day of Spring Break...she played in her room and shopped most of the day.

 Austin enjoyed playing in his room and playing his games. 

He also helped me entertain his little brother when I was tyring to do my laundry and get the house picked up.  He is such a good big brother and both his little sister and brother love him so much!  Aydrie and Ace both just light up when ever Austin pays any attention to them.

We also booked our summer vacation on Friday.  We are officially booked and will be spending one week in the sand and sun in Panama City, Flordia come June.

We usually go to Destin but decided to change it up this year and we decided on Panama City.  We booked a condo right on the beach and I can not wait to go!  We always have the best time on our family vacations!

I hope you all  had a great weekend.  I will post about ours later this week.

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