Thursday, March 17, 2011

Texas Hill Country

On Monday, our first day of our Spring Break Trip, we got up and decided to leave San we hit the road.  Austin and I didn't really know what to expect, but we both had so much fun this day!

Our first stop was Johnson City, Texas were we stopped by the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park.  We saw Lyndon B. Johnson's childhood home.

We then drove to Stonewall, Texas and went to the LBJ State Park & Historical Site.  We drove through and got to see lots of neat stuff.

We had a photo shoot in front of this old school house.  This door was so pretty, we had to take some pics in front of it.  I will post those next week!

We were able to look in the school house and see how they had school in the "old days".

This state park is really neat.  You can choose to "check in" and get a CD that you listen to and you can do an audio tour.  Or you can do like us and just drive through on your own. You can also get off at each stop and actually go look up close at the houses, barns, etc. if you choose so.

We were driving very very slow so Miss Aydrie got to sit in my lap to get a better view.  She loves seeing the cows.  The road we were driving on was just in a open field so the cows were on the side of the road and we came face to face with a few and Aydrie got a kick out of that.

We were kind of pressed for time so we didn't have time to do the audio tour but it was still neat to drive through the LBJ Ranch and see all the houses, planes, and farm animals there. We saw sheep, cows, deer, goats, longhorns and buffalo.  I love historical stuff like this. Especially when I can see it up close.

After we got finish driving through the ranch we headed to Fredericksburg, Texas.  Where we stopped and walked around and grabbed something to eat.

We ate at this little out door restaurant with live entertainment.  The food was good and the entertainment was fun! 

This guy sang and talked the whole time we ate.  He was very funny and made our meal fun!

This little boy was so good it makes it so easy to go places with him!  He stayed in his seat the whole time we ate and just played and played.

After we got done eating I got him out so he could enjoy the scenery.

I loved this little town and want to go back and spend some time walking up and down the streets and shopping!  There were lots of fun stores!

After Fredrickburg we headed to Luckenbach, TX. 

Luckenbach, Texas is basically a road with a couple of buildings, a stage and a big open air dance hall. 

There are picnic tables were you can get a beverage of your choice and sit and enjoy the outdoors and music.  We all enjoyed this little place.

Can you see the smile under his paci??

We were walking under these trees and heard roosters and we look up and they are in the trees!  Too funny! 

We quickly walked under those trees!

They had a little creek there and some huge trees. Very pretty.

There was lots that entertained us at this stop and we all had a good time here.

Lets just say before and after we left here we were singing...Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love).  We had so much fun!

Heather bought a couple of fun souvenirs at this stop and I left with this one.

The best souvenir ever!  This one is getting framed!

I will have to agree with Heather and say that this was my favorite day we had during our spring break trip.  This day was so much fun...thanks to our dad!!

I would love to go back to this area one day and spend more time there!


Jordan said...

Oh My Goodness!!! That picture of Ace in Luckenbach is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! It looks like y'all had a blast!! I so want me and Casey to do something like this for a little weekend trip, I just might steal y'alls trip!! hehe!!

Courtney and Heather said...

Thanks Jordan! You two would have fun!!


Lolly Jane said...

hi just found your cute blog. we love when other sister's have blogs together! we are identical twin sisters who run our blog {}

new followers & look forward to more cute things you 2 do! (:

kelli & kristi

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