Thursday, March 31, 2011

Six Months

Ace you are now six months old!

You are wearing size 2 diapers.

You are wearing mostly 6-9 months. 

I got you a couple of pair of shoes, size 2, and they are a little big.

You are now eating cereal in the mornings and baby food at night. 

So, far you like bananas, apple sauce, pears and sweet potatoes.  We tried green beans and sweet peas and you didn't like them at all.  We may have to try those again later.

You can scoot backwards and move all around the floor these days.

You have started to get on your hands and knees and rock back and forth.

You are loving your new bounce toy.

You can sit with support.

You are a hot baby. You would prefer to be in your diaper only and I can't stand that...ha.

You love to be talked to and get mad when someone pays attention to you and then walks away. 

You are growing up too fast and are such a sweet baby!

You put a smile on my face every day! This pictures makes me laugh!

Happy six months Ace Brady!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Heather.... Back on my game this week. We had REALLY WARM weather on Saturday with high's in the upper 80's, almost 90's! IT WAS GREAT! Then Sunday came along with a high barely making it to the 60's. What a tease.... but that's TEXAS for ya. You can definitely see the temperature change between Saturday and Sunday's outfit! 

Friday 3/25

Ruffle Tank- Marshalls
Tee- Target
Jeans- Miss Me
Necklace- Harvie's

Friday Night Out

Dress- Forever 21
Sandals- Ross

Saturday 3/26

Tank- Forever 21
Shorts- American Eagle
Sandals- Ross

Sunday 3/27

Shirt- Target
Cardi- Ross
Jeans- Miss Me
Sandals- Ross

Close up of my new Harvie's necklace.

Monday 3/28

Tank- Target
Shirt- Target
Pants- Old Navy
Sandals- Ross
Necklace- Christmas Gift

Tuesday 3/29

Top- Marshall's
Tee- Forever 21
Pants- Old Navy
Sandals- Ross

Courtney....I am loving all of my sisters outfits this week!!  She is always looking on the other hand not so much.  And her pictures turn out so much better then mine...I need to work on that.

She also went shopping without me one weekend and got some cute shirts from Marshalls!  I am still kind of mad at her for that...Ha. I told her last night that she needs to take me to Marshalls so we can get me some cute shirts!

Not a good week for me....but here we go.

Thursday 3/24

Dress - Ross
Cardi - Target
Sandals - Ross
Necklace - Harvie's

Saturday 3/26

Shirts - Old Navy
Shorts - American Eagle
Sandals - Ross

Sunday 3/27

Shirts - Target
Jeans - American Eagle
Flip Flops - Target
Necklace - Forever21

Here is a close up of my new flip flops from Target that I am loving!

 I was so glad I found these in my size.  They have some zebra print ones also that I am thinking about going back and getting.

Monday 3/28

Shirt - Target
Cardi - Targe
Pants - Wal Mart
Sandals - Bealls
Necklace - Target

Tuesday 3/29

Shirt - Ross
Dress - Ross
Shoes - Shu Store
Necklace - Harvies

Here is a close up of my necklace.  The cross on here can be removed. I love the bright colors and you can wear it with just about anything!

Not sure how your feeling, but we are so ready for the weekend! Remember to check out the wonderful ladies at The Pleated Poppy

Happy Hump Day! 


Monday, March 28, 2011

Bring the Bronze and a Discount

This one is for all the ladies out there!

We know everyone loves a good bronze tan! The 2 Sisters have been trying so hard to stay away from the tanning salon and keep our skin nice and healthy with a little Jergens Healthy Glow sunless tanning lotion. But it's just not the fastest way to get that beautiful bronze glow. 

On Wednesday night, Court and I were lucky enough to receive an awesome spray tan from our cousin {and a favorite follower}, JORDAN. Court and I started it off right with a little drink and then the tanning began!

It was a small drink so there really wasn't any Tipsy Tanning. Jordan is a professional, and she didn't drink her drink until she was done spraying the 2 Sisters.

Jordan started her own little business called Bring the Bronze Spray Tan. What is special about her is that she is a mobile company, and will come to you wherever you need her! She is currently booking parties or individual appointments in Ennis and surrounding areas. 

Bring the Bronze brings all of the necessary equipment and sets up right in your home. You don't have to do anything!

The spraying consists of exactly that... spraying your body with a harmless tanning solution. It is a little cold, but other than that... it's easy peasy!

Your spray tan will last from 5-7 days. Giving you a beautiful healthy glow, that all of your girlfriends will be jealous of.

The 2 Sisters are here to tell you that Bring the Bronze is a great company with an awesome owner. We have enjoyed our tans so much, that we are already planning another for next week!

So... are you ready to Bring the Bronze and recieve $5 off of your first spray tan? Here's what you do... it's easy as 1,2,3:

1. Become a follower of the 2 sisters.  

2. Visit Bring the Bronze Spray Tan and like their facebook page.  

3. Leave Bring the Bronze a comment saying you saw them on

You can check out Bring the Bronze Spray Tan here and remember to book your appointment or party soon!


Show and Tell Monday- Moss Initial

Just in time for Spring!

I found this cute idea on a linky party back at the end of February. It seemed to be perfect with spring right around the corner, and I just HAD to have one for myself. {I decided I would save a step and make my mom and sister one while I was at it. Needless to say... they were VERY excited!} This is a pretty basic, easy, self-explanatory project, but I'll give you the run down anyways!

All you need is a foam board, a few packages of moss, hot glue gun, LOTS of glue sticks, a good knife, and something to hang it with.


Start by drawing and cutting out your letter. Your letter doesn't have to be EXACTLY perfect. Once it gets covered with the moss, you won't be able to see the MINOR imperfections.

Once your letter is cut, you’re ready to start gluing the moss. This step is VERY messy, but THANK GOODNESS for vacuums. I only glued the moss to the front of my letter. You can choose to cover the back and sides if you want.

When your letter is covered, you are DONE! Find something to hang it up with {I used left over burlap, from my curtains and wreath} and you have yourself new spring/summer door decor!

One piece of advice I can give you is try your local Hobby Lobby for something called "Reindeer Moss" I've seen things done with that and it is a lot greener and prettier. I used Moss from Wal-Mart and it's not exactly what I wanted it to be, but it is still fabulous!

Doesn't it just make you LOVE spring and summertime?

Linking here.... as always! 


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

Not much going on at all this weekend at our house.  Friday night Adam and I got to go out to eat all by ourselves.  We went and had mexican food. It was nice to get out all by ourselves. 

After dinner we went and picked up Aydrie and Ace and Austin went with Adam's parents to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.

Have you heard of these books??  Austin has all of them.  The first movie was so cute.  When this second one comes out on DVD we are for sure getting it so I can see it.  Austin said it was really good.

Saturday we hung around the house most of the morning.  The weather was so nice on Saturday we had to get out and enjoy it. 

Austin and Aydrie have both grown out of their summer sandals/flip flops from last year and with the weather getting warmer they both needed some.  So, we decided to go and have a late lunch and then ran by Target. 

While we were at Target I found this cute bib and had to get it! 

Also, while we were at Target we decided to pick up Ace a new toy.  We knew he would need something like this one day...I just can't believe the day has come!  We got him the Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

As soon as we got home we put it together and then watched Ace play in his new toy.  He really likes it.  It's just one more toy we can go back and forth to keep him entertained.

It was so fun watching him.  He made sure to check everything out and see what it was all about.  He likes pushing the buttons and listening to the music.

He still hasn't figured out he can bounce in it but I am sure it will not take him long to figure out.

We did really good on this purchase!

Today we didn't do much of anything but I did get a pic of Miss Aydrie in her new sandals.  We had to pull out the jeans today because a cold front came through last night and it was only in the 60's today.

Friday is Austin's birthday and we have a busy weekend ahead of us. I am hoping we get the warmer weather back by next weekend.

Hope you all have a great week!
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