Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

So they were right.....we got snow last night.  We woke up to the pretty white stuff this morning. Which meant I got another day off and Adam got to stay at home today too. Austin was so excited and so ready to play in the snow this morning.  He went and measured and we got about 5 1/2 inches.

Every time it snows my brothers makes his way over to play with Austin.  I think he was just as excited about the snow as Austin was.  Austin has been going in and out of the house all day.  I am not really sure how he could stand being out is FREEZING

Austin was the only one that got to go out and play. Miss Aydrie enjoyed looking out her window and hanging out at the front door watching her brother.

Ace wasn't to happy when we told him that only Austin could go outside and play....ha.  No, he was just a sleepy little boy and wanted his momma to hold him.

For some reason today Aydrie has been really intersted in Ace.  She has been in the living room a lot today...which is very unusual for her. I think she is ready to get out of the house.  When ever Ace cried today she would go up to him and lay her head down beside him or she would just go and check out what he was doing.

Austin would come inside and warm up and then go right back out to play in the snow. He had such a fun time!

Happy Snow Day! Don't stop here...scroll down and read Heather's post from this morning.


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