Sunday, February 6, 2011

Four Months

Ace you turned four months old on January 28th!  Time is just flying by.

You are still in size one diapers.

You are still wearing 0-3 months clothes but we have started to pull out your 3-6 months.

You now weight 13lbs and you are 26 1/4 in long.  Your head is mesuring at 16 1/4 in.  You are growing so well.

You are still eating 5 ounces every 3-4 hours and we get to start cereal this month.

You have learned to roll tummy to back and back to tummy.  We can put you in one spot and can look away and look back and you will be in a totally different spot. 

You still get fussy when you are on your tummy and when you don't get mad you will roll over to your back.

You are talking and cooing so much these days and you will laugh a little when we tickle you. 

You are showing more interest in your toys and like to play.

You have learned to put your hands in your mouth and you do it all the time.  (I hope you are not teething. I am not ready for that.)

You like to sit in your bumbo chair and still like all of your other baby gear.  I think the swing is still your favorite.

You like someone to talk to you.  You can be prefectly fine and your brother will stop by and say hi and talk to you and walk away and you get so upset.

You are such a happy baby boy and are growing way to fast!


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