Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Visitors

Tonight my brother and SIL came over for a visit.  I am sure my strawberry cupcakes had a little to do with it.  I made my brothers favorite cupcakes so I thought I would share with him. So, tonight they came by to get a few or five!  HaHa. 

They got lucky because tonight we had spaghetti so they enjoyed some of that too. They are always bringing us some good food so tonight it was payback time.  You can't even tell Chels is pregnant in these pics. I was so surprised when I saw her because Miss Lillie is really growing. 

I meant to get a picture of her cute belly before she left but I forgot. I will have to get one next time.  I can't believe in a few short months my niece will be here!  It is so weird saying that...we are all so excited and can't wait to meet her!

Chelsea is getting lots of practice with Ace. He was being a little camera shy in the above pic.

Thanks you two for being such good sports and letting me take your picture!

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