Thursday, January 13, 2011

I found my feet!

So, when I did Ace's 3 month post he had just found his feet. I meant to post some pics of him finding his feet the next day but failed to do so. So, here are a few. 

He is also still loving his hands exspecially when we put these little wrist toys on him.

He is so fascinated by his little hands and feet.  I love watching him do new things. It has really been about 10 years since we have been through the normal baby stages.  With Miss Aydrie we really didn't see any of this stuff.  Don't get me wrong she surprises us every day with the new things she does and things she can do but it is different with her.   

We were so nervous when we found out we were pregnant again because we didn't want to have the same thing happen again and have another baby with medical problems.  When I was five months pregnant with Ace we went to a specialist for a very detailed sonogram.  We found out Ace was for sure a boy and the doctor measured his bones and look at all his major organs and also looked very close at his little head.   That day we found out that we were having a healthy baby boy!  Everything was measuring right and developing the way it should have been.  That day was a very good day and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

When I went in for my c-section I was still nervous and afraid that he was going to be born and something was going to be wrong.  When I first saw him he was perfect and appeared to be healthy.  But we still had the newborn screens they do and also the hearing test that had to be done before we left the hospital.  When Aydrie was born she failed her hearing tests in the hospital and we had to have a couple of follow ups for hearing test.  She finally past but now I look back and that was the start of all her problems.  So, when they took Ace for his hearing test I was so nervous and worried they were going to come back and say he failed his test....but they came back and said he passed and he was perfectly healthy. 

Every milestone Ace reaches is extra special and a reminder to me that he is a healthy baby boy and that he is just fine. So, whenever Ace does something new it is a really big deal and makes me so happy.  So, I will probably be sharing lots of stuff this little boy does, big or small.

 I am so glad tomorrow is finally Friday!  I have a three day weekend....YAY!

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