Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Weekend

Well,  our weekend didn't start off to well.  This little boy was sick Friday night.  He had a little stomach bug.  He got sick around 8:00 on Friday night and was sick all through the night. 

Adam and I camped out in the living room with him because we were waking up every hour to try and get him to drink a little.  We were afraid he was going to get dehydrated because he wasn't holding anything down. We were on Pedialyte all night and most of the day Saturday.  I was so glad when we woke up at 6 am on Saturday morning and I saw this.

He was feeling much better and that made us feel so much better!  I am not sure what was wrong with him. I guess he caught a little bug.  I am hoping no one else in our house gets it.

Saturday Heather and I went to a couple of craft store and got some supplies for a couple of projects we are going to do and also some stuff to make her some curtains.  We went home and started working on her curtains.  We are going to have to go back next weekend and get some more fabric to finish them but they are looking so good! I am hoping we can do some for Austins room next.  We are getting pretty good at this craft stuff...ha.

Aydrie got to stay at home with her daddy on Saturday all by herself and I am sure she just loved it.  Ace went with us and Austin went to his grandparents house for the day. When me and Heather got back to my house little Miss was looking pretty rough.

Daddy did my hair!
So, I got home put a bow in Miss Aydrie's hair and she was looking much better.

Saturday while I was out I broke my phone.  So, Sunday morning Adam, me and Ace made a trip to the Apple store to get me another phone.  Austin and Aydrie stayed with Adam's parents and got to play out side and enjoy the 70 degree weather.

Me and Ace decided to stay in the car because when we drove by the Apple store we could see that it was really busy and I didn't want to get Ace out with all those people.  So, me and Ace hung out in the car while Adam ran in for our appointment.

While we were in the car we played around with my camera and took some pics and I also learned that my point and shoot camera took video.  So, I thought I would try it out and see if I could figure out how to upload my videos to my computer. Well, I did figure it out. It was really easy. I can't believe I didn't notice that it took video before.  Here is a little video that we took.


While we were waiting in the car Ace got hungry and I went to make him a bottle and we didn't have any formula.  Adam had packed the diaper bag that morning and put everything in the bag but the formula. So, I made do with what I had and tried to give Ace just the water I had. That lasted maybe two seconds.  He is a very smart boy and I wasn't going to fool him.  Luckily, Adam came back to the car like five minutes after I discovered I didn't have any formula and we went straight to the store so we could feed this little boy.

The high light of Adams day was seeing Troy Aikman in the Apple store.  He even took a video just in case no one believed him.

The rest of the day we enjoyed the pretty weather and cooked out on the grill.

We were all loving the spring like weather and I wish it would stay around longer but we are supposed to get a winter storm later this week with highs in the 20's and lows in the teens.  I am so ready for spring time!

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