Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Weekend

I love that it's Sunday and it feels like Saturday to me....I have tomorrow off!! I love three day weekends!  We have had a great weekend.  Yesterday we got up and went to get our craft stuff.  It was rainy and cold but we still got out.  We were gone a lot longer than we should have been because we made a few extra stops but we did find some good stuff.

I am so lucky to have such good babies. When we do decide to go places they are really good and just go with the flow.  Austin is at the age where he doesn't enjoy going shopping and going out with us any more.  He would rather stay back and stay with his dad.  He is a smart boy.

Heather and I did our crafts and will do a post on that later this week.  I love our craft nights. 
We always have so much fun together.  While we did our crafting these little ones where close by.

Today we haven't left the house.  This is mine and Ace's new set up. We have been in this spot all day and it has been great! He likes to get down on the floor and play.  He has played on his back, had tummy time, had some time in his bumbo and enjoyed his lamb seat today. I have been watching Life Time movies all day long and it has been so nice.

Austin and Aydrie have enjoyed their day too.

Once again this little girl has spent most of her day shopping.

She loves this little shopping cart so much and will push it all over our house. She has gone from room to room all day long.  And she is one smart little girl.  She is still getting the hang of pushing it and when she pushes it from the front (the correct way to push it) it goes to fast for her.  So, this smart little one will turn the shopping cart sideways and push it like that.  So, that will explain why she is always pushing it from the side.

Adam was feeding Ace this afternoon and he got Ace to "hold" his bottle.  I think it was by accident but Adam thinks he was holding it because he wanted to.  My baby is too little to be holding his own bottle! 

Aydrie saw that her daddy was giving some attention to Ace and didn't like that too much so she made her way into her daddy's lap as fast as she could.

Austin has spent the night doing this. 

He is trying to avoid the dentist tomorrow.  He has a cap that hasn't fallen out and his permanent tooth is coming in underneath it.  He has until tomorrow to get the cap off his permanent tooth.... if he fails we will be paying a visit to the dentist tomorrow morning so the dentist can pull it.  As of right now the tooth is winning.


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