Friday, January 21, 2011

Got Gas??

No, it’s not what you think! Ha

I hate stopping and getting gas especially when its cold, most of the time Adam will go and do it for me. Well, this morning we were in a hurry and I decided I would leave a few minutes early and stop and get gas. 

My gas light came on yesterday on the way home from work and I thought I could make it home.  Well, turns out I could make it home but couldn’t make it to the gas station this am. 

It was 22 degrees this morning so I went out and started my car so it would warm up. Well, when I got in my car to leave my car had died.  Yep….it ran out of gas!  Or at least that is what I had hoped and sure enough that was it.

To top it off my car was behind Adams truck…so he had to turn it off and on and move it a little at a time to move it just enough so he could get his truck out. So, he got his truck out and then had to go to the store and buy a gas can, get gas for my car, come and put the gas in my car, and then drive to the gas station to put more gas in my car. 

So, I drove to work with a FULL tank this am.

I was kind of mad at first but then again what can you do but laugh and take a few pics!  I have learned my lesson and will put gas in my car as soon as my light turns on.


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