Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving number one

Okay, I know I should have posted this like a week ago but I am just now getting to our Thanksgiving activities.  Adam and I are always busy come Thanksgiving.  We have a total of three Thanksgivings and love every minute of it.  I love spending time with our families...they are so much fun!

We always have Thanksgiving with my dads family the Sunday before Thanksgiving. So, this year we totally changed it up.  Instead of the traditional Turkey, Ham, and all the traditional sides we had a fish fry. We had fish and shrimp, fries, onion rings, beans, hush puppies and pasta salad.



And we couldn't have Thanksgiving with out our favorite home made macaroni and cheese.  Jordan---it was so good!  Our family has always loved us some macaroni and cheese.  My grandma always made it for us growing up and now Miss Jordan is the one that makes sure we have it at all our family gatherings!

We also had many sweets including Heathers cupcakes that were so good!

We all enjoyed a good Thanksgiving lunch and visited with each other.



Chelsea has been getting lots of practice with this little guy.  Her and Derek will find out what they are having on December 15th. I am hoping for a boy for Ace but I have a feeling it is going to be a girl.  Either way it will be great to have another baby in the family and Ace will have a cousin to grow up with and play with.

We didn't even have turkey...but someone still needed at nap!

It was like like 80 degrees this day so we were able to enjoy the pretty weather outside.

Derek and Austin found this caterpillar and they both thought is was the coolest thing!  I thought it was kind of gross myself. But they wanted to get a picture of it. it is.

This is Bailey. This is Heathers dog but my mom has inherited her and you will see her at all of our family gatherings.

We had another wonderful Thanksgiving with the family and I am looking forward to getting together with this fun bunch for Christmas!

And I want to thank Austin for all the pictures he took for me! He did a great job!


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Amber said...

Hey Courtney! I looking at comments on Ashley's Avenue wreath giveaway and I randomly clicked on your blog! I was looking at your pictures & was shocked to see it was you & Adam! Hope you are doing great, it's been along time!!

Amber (Ellis)

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