Monday, December 13, 2010

My Monday

We have had a busy Monday.  I spent most of my day hanging out with this little guy.  We are trying so hard to work on tummy time but this little boy does not like it!

And yes it looks like I have a little milk on my face but I am still cute!

I am still putting these little baby gloves on him because his little hands get so cold at times and he has a bad habit of scratching his face.  I have tried to file his nails down but he still scratches his face.   I am so scared to trim his nails with clippers so for now this is our solution.

He is giving me the look put the camera up and get me off my stomach!  He does try hard but he is much happier on his back.  I am sure he will start liking tummy time soon but not today.

So, I did some shopping this weekend and had gifts to wrap. 

So, this afternoon we put one of our Christmas shirts on.

And we got down on the floor and wrapped some gifts.

He was really good and let me get my wrapping done.

This is all the wrapping I got done. 

And I still have shopping to do!! I keep telling myself it is going to be okay and I am going to get everything done.  I am hoping I finish my shopping this weekend.

Tonight we are going to Austin's Christmas program at school. So, look for those pictures later this week.


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PathwaysMom said...

Hi there,
I came across your adorable blog and photos and thought the tummy time ones would be a great entry in Pathways Awareness' Holiday Tummy Time Baby Photo Contest.

Three winners each receive a certificate, a $20 Starbucks gift card, and a photo mug with which to display their favorite photo.

For more details and to enter, visit:

Happy Holidays!

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