Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lunch with Aydrie Rose

Today me and this little guy got to eat lunch with his big sister.

And he was pretty happy about that.

Aydrie walked all the way to lunch so when she got to the cafeteria she was pretty worn out.

But she did so good!  


And when she saw me and Ace she didn't know what to think.  

I think she was a little confused at first but I think she enjoyed us joining her for lunch.

Aunt Heather gets to sit with Aydrie at lunch and feed her so we got to see Aunt Heather too.

After we sat  and visited with Aydrie we went and ate lunch with Heather and Sam.  Heathers lunch break is right after Aydrie's lunch so when Miss Aydrie was done eating it was our turn to eat.  So, we got our food and walked down the hall to Mrs. Samantha's class room and ate and visited with her.   Here is Ace with Mrs. Samantha.  She was being a little camera shy. 


After we left Aydrie's school went went to my moms work to see her.

 Ace has been a very busy boy today.

We also got some great news today!

My brother and SIL  found out what they are having.  This little one didn't let us see their pretty profile but we did get a good picture of their little hand and it's a really cute one!
It looks like a wave to me.

It's A Girl!!

 Lillie Kay 

  Miss Lillie Kay will be joining us on or around May 18th and we can't wait to meet her!



Jordan said...

I just think that little guy is the cutest thing ever!!! Thanks for sharing all his precious moments, those little smiles are the sweetest!! and Miss Aydrie is adorable as always!!

Courtney and Heather said...

Awww....Thanks Jordan!! I am glad you enjoy reading it. I always wonder what people think. And I love your comments you leave us.

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