Thursday, December 16, 2010

A little sad

 Yesterday while we where out and about we went and met Mrs. Sherry.  Mrs. Sherry is our babysitter and a very good one!  I am now in the last two weeks of my maternity leave and will be returning to work after Christmas.

I have been off for nearly five months and could stay off much much longer...if only I could continue to get my pay check! HaHa

I am so grateful that I have a job and also work for a company that has a very generous maternity leave.  If only it would have been a month longer.  Wishful thinking I know!

I am very happy I got to spend the first three months with Ace..... just me and him.  I have loved every minute of it and wish I could go back to the beginning and start all over again!.  And I have loved all the extra time with Adam, Austin and Aydrie.

The last five months have gone by way too fast. Probably the fastest five months ever!  I have never been the type of person to stay at home all day and lounge around in their jammies,  just ask my mom and sister. 

But I have come to love days like that!  Most days me and Ace hung out all day in our jammies or I did. I would always make sure he was dressed up in a cute outfit.  That is why there are so many pics of him and very few of me and him. 

I have loved staying home all week and not putting on make up or leaving the house until the weekend.  And that we did!  We had many fun filled weekends and those will not go away just the extra wonderful time in between the weekends.

I just love our late nights together. I love staying up late with him...just sitting with him on the couch (that I haven't left in five months) while he lays in his bobby pillow that he loves so much. I love just watching him awake or asleep. It really is the best!!

I know my late nights are far from over but in the back of my mind I will know that I have to get up in the morning and go to work. I am starting to panic and wondering how I am going to go back to work and get into a routine again but I know I can do it... I have done it before.

So, this sad momma is going to have to put on her big girl panties and just do it.  I am hoping that I make it through my first day okay.  I am sure I will be fine. I will just miss my babies.

I am so sad that I have to go back but I know Ace will be in very good hands.  He will have his big sister and his cousin at Mrs. Sherry's to keep him company. And I know he will just love it...just like his big sister does!

Do you like the shirt???   I made it!

I think I found my new hobby!!

Heather and I are working on a shirt project for Christmas and they are turning out so cute!  I will post pics soon!


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