Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am growing and Aydrie

Do you remember this little baby??

This was taken when he was one day old. He was six little pounds here and 18 1/2 in long.

Below are the pics I have taken every week.

2 weeks - 10 weeks

And here he is today at 11 weeks.

This little boy is a growing!

He now weighs 10 lbs and is 23 in long.

 Yes, we finally pack up his newborn clothes.

 They were all starting to get a little snug on him.

 So, we broke out this new little brother shirt.

I will definitely keep up the weekly pics just because it is so neat to see the changes.

When they are this little they grow so fast.

I really don't see it because I see him every day but after looking at these pictures I see it now.

He has changed so much week to week.

This is just a sweet picture...I had to share.

Okay...now on to little Miss

Today at Aydrie's school it was Polar Express day.  The whole school including the teachers all come dressed in their Christmas jammies.

They read The Polar Express, sing Christmas carols, and get a visit from Santa.

So, here is Miss Aydrie dressed in her very cute jammies.

These pictures were taken today when she got home from school so she is a very tired little girl in these pics.

But we did manage to get one good smile out of her.

And yes these really are her jammies.


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