Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Favorites

This is definitely my absolute favorite time of the year. It is a close tie with Summertime, but I enjoy getting to be layered in clothing rather than the opposite (HA!) so Christmas is definitely the winner. I love the feeling that you get when Christmas comes around. The love and joy that just surrounds you, no matter where you are.

I am loving my Christmas tree and cannot stop staring at it. I will be sad when it has to come down.

I loooooove Christmas lights and "light looking" as my friends and I used to call it. We would tell our parents we were going "light looking" and would look at a few houses and then go on to mischievous teenager things. HEHEHE! Now that I'm a little bit older, "light looking" is just that..... Light Looking. Check out this house's light display! AMAZING!

Starbucks and is HUGE during our Christmas shopping trips. My favorite at Starbucks- Venti White Chocolate Mocha.

All things Red are the definition of Christmas to me.

Red Barn Candle Company- Dickens Christmas and Christmas Cider keep my house smelling like Christmas.

I am REALLY in to leopard print this Christmas. I have leopard ribbon on my tree and even found the perfect leopard wrapping paper for my gifts. Leopard goes perfect with my RED Christmas decorations. Tulle is also big on my gifts this year. I love giving people gifts that they may never go out and buy for themselves.

Christmas cards make me so happy. Love receiving them in the mail. Maybe one day I'll send out one of my own. Court's was REALLY cute this year.

OUR NEW TV. Jared and I bought ourselves a Christmas present this year instead of exchanging gifts. We really wanted a nice TV for the bedroom so that's exactly what we got! A 46 inch LCD HDTV! MMMMM It's soooo yummy. I have spent many nights in my bed watching my new TV with a glass of wine!

This Christmas I am super excited about GRADUATION. I am officially done with school. I have gone to my last class, turned in my last project, and received my final grades! I am SOOO excited to be done. MOST excited about leaving for VEGAS tonight! :) Mom and Dad are taking me and Jared to VEGAS as a graduation present for me. I have never been before and CANNOT wait to have a nice little Christmas vacation in Vegas. There will be LOTS of pictures coming soon!

Lastly, my most FAVORITE thing about Christmas is getting to spend LOTS of time with everyone that I love. Too bad we can't have that feeling of Christmas more often throughout the year. There is just something about Christmas that fills every one's hearts with love and kindness. The kind of love and kindness that isn't always there. I love getting together with my family and seeing everyone. It's always such a fun time and I look forward to it every year.

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