Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breakfast with Heather

Plus today

Saturday morning I got a nice wake up call.  Heather called to let me know she was making breakfast if we wanted to join her.  So, we got up and got dressed and headed to Heathers.

Everyone was in their Christmas colors so we took some pictures before we left for the day.


Austin and Aydrie enjoying breakfast.

My mom also joined us.  She came to Heather's to teach Heather how to make bows for all her Christmas gifts.

So, if you ever need help with bows...Heather knows how to make them now.

While they made bows we just watched them and kept them company.

After they were done bow making we decided to go and do some Christmas shopping.

So, the rest of the day we shopped and I now have stuff to wrap! I am not doing good this year...usually by this time I am buying little last minute things.

Today...Adam and I got the kids up and dressed and went to his parents for lunch. His mom made meatloaf and sides and it was so good!

Jayden loves holding and playing with Ace.

We always want and talk about getting a picture of all four of them together.  They are usually to busy playing and will not be still to take a picture. 

 So, today we got them all together and took some pics.

To bad they didn't have on their Christmas clothes because they turned out really cute!

It was a lazy day for us so we all had our lounge clothes on.

Aydrie thought it was the funnest thing to have her brother sitting in her lap and was just laughing so hard and trying to push him out of her lap.

She wanted this chair all to herself.

There is never a dull moment when this boy is around.

He always keeps us entertained.  He figured out when I took a picture you could look back at it on my camera, so ever time we took a picture he would want to see it. He is something else.

Our weekend was good and as always went by way to fast!


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