Friday, December 17, 2010

Austin's Christmas Program

So, Monday night Austin had his Christmas program. 

 He is in encore choir at school and they have two programs a year one in the winter and one during the spring. 


 It was a 50's theme program.

Aydrie, NeNe, and PaPa waiting for the show to start.

 Ace was sound asleep.

 Until the music started...then he woke up with this look on his face.

 He didn't know what was going on.

Of course Austin would be on the back row.

So, every picture I took has lots of other faces in them.

His encore choir class meets every Tuesday after school.

 And then he will come home and sing at home.

So, we have been hearing all these songs for weeks now.

Aydrie and Ace enjoying the show.

Finally it was Austin's turn at the mic.


 He did so good!

Austin you did so good!

We all enjoyed the show.

Today was Austin and Aydrie's last day of school.  They are out for two weeks and I get to spend the first week with them! Tomorrow we have our first Christmas at my Mom and Dad's with my brothers and sisters. We always have our Christmas the weekend before. I love getting together with them and at Christmas we have so much fun. I think we all turn into little kids again...haha.

Today when Aydrie got home from school she was in another Christmas outfit so we took some pics.

She is so funny. I really think she recognizes my camera now and when I get it out she knows what to do. We tell her to smile and make the noise from her  favorite commercial and she just cracks up. It works every time.

Every time we do this or she hears this it puts a smile on her face.

She is such a sweet little girl!

Miss. Aydrie also got to see Santa today at school. The fire department
brought him to visit all the students. Aydrie looks cold! But she was happy to see him.

Thanks Aunt Heather for the picture!


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