Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving day we had two Thanksgivings to go to.  We went to Adams parents for lunch and then headed to my parents house later that afternoon.  I love the holidays but wish there was more time in the day.  I hate having to split the holidays between mine and Adams family.  We both love spending time with our family and hate having to leave one to go to another.

So we got up bright and early Thanksgiving Day and made our sides and headed out for a fun day!  

Our little turkeys.

Our first stop was at Adams parents.

We all enjoyed a yummy Thanksgiving lunch.


After lunch at Adams parents we then headed to my parents.
We had lots of good food and yummy sweets. 

My birthday was on the 28th so my mom had a early birthday wish for me! 

We all enjoyed a late lunch early dinner and sat around and enjoyed our time together.




This little one got lots of attention this Thanksgiving and was loving every minute of it!  

Ace enjoying his Thanksgiving meal.




These two always have fun together.

They both love having fun with Heather and Heather is good at keeping them entertained.

We all had a great Thanksgiving and get to do it all over again come Christmas!

And I want to thank Austin for taking pictures for me on this day and at our other Thanksgiving.  He is such a big help.


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Jordan said...

Love all the pictures!! Especially the one of Heather cross eyed!!

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