Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Showin some love

 We all know how much Aydrie loves her big brother.  She just adores him and loves to hang out with him.  She will go back in forth to his room and back to her room.  She always likes to see what he is doing and Austin is really good at giving her a lot of attention.

 Well, the other night we were all in the living room and Miss Aydrie decided to see what her little brother was doing.  She went up to him and started to show him some love.

Now this shocked us all!! There was a time where she wanted nothing to do with her little brother and would pay no attention to him.  When she came to visit Ace in the hospital she cried.  When we brought Ace home from the hospital she wouldn't even go in the same room as him. She basically acted like he wasn't in our house.  Well, times have changed and I can now say that Miss Aydrie likes her little brother.

When she started doing this I grabbed my camera and starting snapping away.  These pictures make me so happy.  Even though Aydrie is non verbal she sure does know how to show some love.  It makes me think she really does understand what is going on around her.  I think she realized that this new person is here to stay so she decided to give him a chance.  
It only took her six weeks!

Oh, Aydrie you are the sweetest little girl ever! 
Your brothers are so lucky to have you as a sister!

 We all love you so much!!


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