Thursday, November 18, 2010

She did it again!

Okay, for those who messaged me today and said that the post from yesterday made you tear up...wait till you see this.

Miss Aydrie Rose did it again and from what I hear she does this all the time at school.  They have started letting her walk to lunch instead of her using her walker or wheel chair. This was her second day doing this and I think she did great! 

If we could only get her to do this at home.  But by the time she gets home she is so worn out she doesn't want to do anything therapy related....which I don't blame her.

Sorry these videos are sideways but I am just glad I figured out how to upload them.

She actually took a few steps at home last night  for me and Austin. I have a feeling she is just going to take off one of these days! 

I just love seeing her do this!  

She is such a strong little girl and she tries so hard!!


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