Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Saturday....

...has been great. I have been at home all day.  No running around for us this weekend.

I spent it making shirts with my mom and this little guy hung out close by.

Heather is at the deer lease with Jared this weekend. So, me and my mom have been on our own today.  My mom came over today and we made some shirts for Aydrie and Ace.  They turned out really cute.  
Here are the Thanksgiving shirts.  
My little turkeys are going to look so cute in these!  I asked Austin if he wanted a shirt also and he looked at me like I was crazy!  I guess he thinks he is too old for a turkey shirt??

I was going to order these shirts and some others on line but my mom said we could make we made a trip to one of my favorite stores and got some fabric and made them ourselves.  I just loved how they turned out.  We also made them some Christmas shirts that turned out really cute too!  We have a couple more things to add to the Christmas shirts and then they will be done. I am hoping to work on those this week. 
My mom has no idea what she has got herself into.
Thanks Mom!!
We have our first Thanksgiving tomorrow and I can't wait. So, tonight we are hanging out at home getting ready for some family time tomorrow.


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