Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday Saturday

Friday Ace and I rode with Heather to take her final test for her teachers certification.  While Heather took her test we ran in and out a couple of stores.  I was being very adventurous and went to a resale shop.  My first ever trip to a resale shop.  They had a lot of nice furniture pieces and tons of other neat things.  I was really happy with my purchase.  

 This frame was $2. I have a couple of ideas for this. I just need to decide on one and do it.

After Heather was done with her test we ran to one of our favorite stores.
 I picked up a couple of things for some projects that I want to do.

 We actually started on one of  these today.  I will post pictures when we are done.

Friday night we went to a surprise birthday party!
This was our first time to leave Ace.  Adams parents watched the kids for us so we could go to the party for a couple of hours.  We were only gone for about three hours.  It was nice to get out but I did miss Ace. 

I didn't take that many pictures at all. I think I was kinda in shock because I was out with out any kids and haven't been out in so long. I will have to do better next time.  Here are a few.

Us waiting around for the birthday girl.

 This birthday girl was so surprised, she had no idea!

Us and the lovely birthday girl!

Everyone at the party had a great time and the birthday girl really enjoyed herself!!

Saturday we got dressed and went to my moms.  My aunts were down for the day so we went and sat around and visited with them.

Getting ready to leave the house.

We finally made it to my moms around 1:30.  This was after we started getting dressed around 10:00.  My plan was to get up and dressed and be over there by 11:00 or 11:30 but that didn't happen.  It takes a lot to get three kids dressed and out the door!
I am hoping over time it will get better.

Aydrie is always missing a shoe or sock.

Aydrie was to busy to pose for a picture with aunt Heather.

Aunt Donna brought us some bracelets and Miss Aydrie had fun playing with them.
Thanks Donna!

This is the look we usually get when Aydrie is messing with some thing she knows she shouldn't be messing with.  She was trying to play with Ace's seat here.

Austin took these pictures of me and Heather.  I didn't like this first picture that was taken and Heather didn't like the second to be fair I posted both.

Austin and Aydrie having fun.

Austin took my camera and tonight when I uploaded my pictures I had these pictures on my cameras.


Note to self....don't let Austin take my cameras.

Tonight me and this little guy are hanging out. We are getting ready to eat and go to bed....hopefully.


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