Friday, November 19, 2010

All about Miss...

Aydrie Rose

She is 6 years old.

Her birthday is March 24th.

She is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet!  

She is a daddy's girl. She just loves her dad so much!

She loves playing in her room.

She loves watching her Nemo, Dora, and Backyardigans. 

 She is a happy little girl.

She has a great personality.

I can now say she loves both of her brothers.

She could care less if I am around...she prefers to be with her daddy but will settle for me when her daddy is not available.

 She likes to dance.


She loves to play with her big brother.


She can put a smile on your face any day.


She loves to play in/with water.

For those of you who don't know Aydrie's back ground I thought I would fill you in.


Aydrie has been diagnosed with a form of Microcephaly. And a couple of years ago she was also diagnosed with a form of Cerebral palsy.  

When Aydrie was about five months old we noticed she was not reaching any of the milestones set for a five month old.   We had kind of noticed it before then but all babies are different and don't always reach those set milestones at the same time. 

When Aydrie was six months old her doctor noticed her head was not growing the way it should have been and we were sent to a neurologist. The neurologist ordered a  MRI which showed she had an underdeveloped Cerebellum and Pons.  


Aydrie was then put in therapy and has been in therapy ever since.  Aydrie is non verbal and not able to walk on her own yet.  We all believe she will be walking one day and are just waiting for that day to come and from the video I posted yesterday it could be very soon.


To this day we have no idea what caused this and why this happened to her. She has had all kinds of test...chromosome test, blood test, and Adam and I have been tested. Those test have all came back normal.

  Adam and I just live day to day and try not to think or worry about what the future might bring.  What ever happens will happen and it does no good to worry about the the unknown.

We all love her so much just the way she is! 



Gabancy said...

I am moved by your beautiful daughter's spirit. You are an awesome mom with a beautiful family:-). May God bless you!

AnikaDiva said...

I want to thank you for writing about your daughter. I have a one year old that due to a brain injury at birth also has microcephaly and will most likely be diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I often wonder what the future holds for her and whether she will love life and know her family. Your post has given me such hope for our little girl :)

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