Thursday, September 23, 2010

True Love and Happiness

Today's post is dedicated to my amazing niece and nephew. I love them to pieces and cannot imagine life without them. Austin Cade helped me realize my love for children and my desire to teach little sweeties. Our sweet Aydrie Rose has changed our lives in the best way possible. She has taught us all true love, and happiness. I’ve never met anyone who is as happy as this sweet little girl! I love these 2 kiddos with all my heart. I can't imagine having my own children and having more love for them than I do for these 2. It's as if they are my own.

That being said...... in 5 days my newest nephew will come into this world! Baby Ace, we are all so anxious for you to get here. We promise to love you FOREVER and give you all the things you will ever need. I can't wait to squeeze you and hold you in my arms, to get off of work every day and come see you, spending all my free time just watching you and every new thing that you do.

To my sister, thank you for giving me these precious babies. I hope to someday return the favor, and I know you will do the same! 
I love you all so much!


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