Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Picture Make Over Times Two

At the beginning of this year, I decided to redo Aydrie's room. Of course, I went to Heather and asked her to help me. This is the only picture I can find of the "before" with Aydrie's pretty tree that no longer matches....... Just a scary reminder that Christmas is RIGHT around the corner!
If you look in the reflection of the mirror, you can see the flower picture. There were 2 of these on her wall.  

After a lot of thought, I decided that I wanted to paint her room turquoise and do accent colors of black, white, and hot pink.  I wanted her room to have a "big girl" look.  So, I had the idea of using the same pictures in her room and just redo them.  I told Heather my idea so she got creative and we, or I should say she, came up with this.

We ventured out to Hobby Lobby one weekend and bought black paint and all different kinds of scrap book paper. We also bought some little rhinestones.  We painted the canvas's black and then Heather placed and glued the scrap book paper on the canvas's and then added the rhinestones.  I wish I had some better pictures.

So fast forward a couple of months to when I find out I am having another BOY!! Of course the first thing Austin said was, "I do not want to share my room."  Which I do not blame him, being that him and the baby are going to be 10 years apart!  We have future plans to add on a room for baby Ace, but that will not be until some time next year.  So, in the mean time this is what we are doing....Miss Aydrie is getting a new roommate!

But how can a boy stay in a room with hot pink?  Well, we got creative and pulled out all the hot pink and added red.  Remember those girly canvases that we redid earlier this year???  Well, here they are now. Thanks to Heather!!

That is all I will share for now.  I will post pictures of the finished room soon.


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