Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Fun

On Saturday, my 9 month pregnant sister and I ventured out to get her stroller/carseat so that baby Ace can come home when he is born! This is a very important piece to have when you are expecting a baby. What better than to wait until 11 days before he is here to get it, right? She got a good deal and only ended up paying a little bit out of her pocket. Thanks to gift cards and such from loved ones! This is what she decided on.

Anyway, we turned our 2 hour trip into about a 5 hour one. Could not resist hitting up Dollar Tree, Garden Ridge, Michaels, or Target. We got some cute crafts out of it though! So.... after lots of shopping and a few hours creating this is what we made! Enjoy! :)

Easy fall decor idea.... replace your candles with pumpkins :)
Wreath inspiration from Kristens Creations
Metal bird cage bought at Ross, string of leaves from the Dollar Tree, and "Happy Harvest" sign from Garden Ridge.
Thanks to Domestic Princess for the pumpkin glazing and stacking ideas! We bought out all of the Dollar Tree pumpkins we could find!

Taken from my phone, so not the best quality, but you get it!

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